Welcome to markitnow.com – iGCSE Examination!

Welcome to MarkitNow.com, an iGCSE Examinations!

Smart phones are now global to date, it’s estimated that there are roughly 2 billion smartphone users in the market ( 1.91 billion to be exact ), with that number expected to increase another 12% in 2016 to top 2.16 billion people globally insert reference. Education is a global and growing market. There are ever increasing numbers of students taking an ever increasing number of exams. The simple way to pass exams is to practice. Exams are a game, getting inside the head of the examiner is the way to beat the opponent and succeed.Across the world students and parents are prepared and willing to expend huge sums of money on private tuition, revision guides and text books.
There are other educational online systems available, for example doddle which is largely focussed on assessment for learning and this has its place, however it lacks the direct feedback of an actual qualified teacher or examiner that is able to instantly assess, feedback and advise the student on how to improve. Marked by teachers does offer this but is essay focussed only.

In its simplest terms, Mark it will via smart phone app, allow a student to sit and respond to an exam question or whole paper, once submitted this will go live to any teacher in the world qualified to mark that question, they will mark it in accordance with the mark scheme from the exam board and in conjunction with the examiners report feedback to the student their errors, where they lost marks and how they can do better next time.

Students will subscribe to this service and it will be done on a pay per question or paper basis. Teachers/assessors will be paid per response. It will provide students with a great educational reward and give hard pressed teachers a bit of extra cash. Both will be able to access this anywhere, anytime, globally, on their way to school or work during the holidays even in the middle of the night. Mark-it! will allow student and teacher, wherever they are in the world, whatever time of day to be linked in real time and receive instant and informative feedback.

Parents and teachers and students can be linked, it could be used as an afl tool too.

Exams are currently marked using scoris in the case of ocr and rm assessor by a large number….

Most exam boards allow reproduction of exam questions for teaching purposes – this is teaching. The materials are publicly available documents that students can find anywhere.

Practice practice practice that is how to succeed!


After the Exam you will get an evaluation bar graph that will show your progression over time.


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